.PLR File changes needed for F1 2011

Launch Control / Engine Shut-Off
































Telemetry for rFactor        

Go to the UserData/PlayerName Folder (where Player Name is your name in the game ) and open with the Notepad the PlayerName.plr file.
Under [ DRIVING AIDS ]  you'll see some "Data Acquisition" lines, change them to this:

Data Acquisition Version="1" // Version of vehicle data to write out
Data Acquisition Rate="8"
Data Acquisition In Race="1"
Data Acquisition EXE="C:\Program Files\rFactor\Support\Telemetry\f1_telemetry.exe"
Data Acquisition File="Support\Telemetry\vehicledata.spt"

Save the PLR file

5.  to see telemetry when in the garage, click the "Telemetry" button.

6. Your last track run will be saved as vehicledata.spt in the Telemetry Folder that you will need to load with the f1_telemetry.exe file to see the laps you made with all the data about it.
7. MAKE SURE you SAVE your laps that you want to keep, and rename any Telemetry\vehicledata.spt
file if you want to save a complete on track session BEFORE GOING BACK ONTO THE TRACK !!









































Every Track in the F1 2011 Track Pack has an assigned AI setup file. For Australia, it will be UserData/F12011Rd01Australia.svm.

If you want to customize this, you can create a setup with your car in the garage and save it as "F12011Rd01Australia". It will be in the rFactor\UserData\<YourUserName>\Settings\F12011-Rd01-Australia folder.

Move or copy this file to the UserData Folder. Repeat for each track.

This lets you customize the AI by giving them a certain tyre compound, fuel level, wing setting etc


























































































































































































































for 2011, you must edit your .PLR File:

C:\Program Files\rFactor\UserData\<YourPlayerName>\<YourPlayerName>.PLR

so your PitStops run properly:

set in your .PLR file - in the Game Options section:

Race Stint Offset="1"

Relative Fuel Strategy="1"